Eco Refill Screen Wash

Prestone New Eco Refill Screen Wash

Introducing Eco Refill Screen Wash

This summer, we’ve teamed up with Tesco to develop a new super-concentrate summer screen wash, which helps reduce the amount of plastic used by customers.

Reusable and refillable, our Eco Refill Screen Wash will help you reduce plastic usage without compromising on great cleaning results.

With the amount of plastic in the environment a critical and urgent issue in modern times, the new Eco Refill range encourages you to reuse your large empty 5 litre plastic bottles by simply adding water to the Eco Refill formula.

The 5 litre bottles can be used again and again with Eco Refill screen wash.

It’s like getting a ‘Bag for Life’ from the checkout at Tesco, only we want you to consider your 5 litre screen wash bottle as your ‘Bottle for Life’.

The Benefits of Eco Refill

Switch to the new Eco Refill screen wash and take advantage of some great benefits, including:

Save 75% Plastic

By pouring this 500ml concentrated bottle into an empty 5 litre screen wash bottle and adding water, it offers a comparable 75% reduction in plastic for a comparable 5 litre ready to use screen wash.

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Just 500ml of the super-concentrated formula in Eco Refill is enough to make 5 litres of screen wash – enough to fill most screen wash reservoirs with some fluid to spare.

great cleaning performance

Eco-Refill Screen Wash works quickly to remove insect deposits, bird droppings and traffic film for maximum visibility. The streak-free formula prevents dangerous sun dazzle and has a fresh summer fragrance.

In Partnership with Tesco

Tesco and Prestone have enjoyed a strong partnership that has endured over many years. Eco Refill is the latest development that has come as a result of that partnership, giving customers the opportunity to reduce their plastic use with a 100% refillable and reusable car maintenance solution.

Both Prestone and Tesco are committed to positive environmental action and as result, are always looking to explore options and products that align to that commitment. Together, we want to help motorists make the switch to a more environmentally conscious way of taking care of their car.

We are delighted that Tesco is the exclusive retailer of the Prestone Eco Refill Screen Wash. And with summer here, now’s the time to grab your eco-friendly screen wash.

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