Quiz: Can You Guess Where These Number Plates Originate?

Every car, on every continent, has a number plate. They’ve been around pretty much as long as cars have, mainly as a way to give the authorities information about a car and its driver.

We’re all familiar with what number plates look like here in the UK, but what about those from other countries? Do you think you could distinguish a Danish plate from a Deutsch? How about a Colombian from a Chinese?

For the fun of it, we want to put your knowledge of number plates to the test. And so, we’ve come up with a surprisingly challenging quiz in which you have to identify number plates from around the world. Think you have what it takes? Then try our tricky number plate test below.

How did you get on? Would you rather not say, or are you chuffed with your score? We’d be interested to hear how you did, so let us know your score and any plates you struggled with over on the Prestone UK Facebook page.

Number plates are oddly complicated, and that’s what makes them interesting. Across the world, countries are always having to come up with new ways to use them to identify cars and drivers – because the sheer quantity of cars on the road means that any system quickly goes out of date.

Here in the UK, we’ve used lots of different number plate formats over the years, from the letters of the alphabet to the current date system. Pretty soon, the DVLA might have to come up with another way to tell our cars apart – so who knows what our number plates could look like in the future.

We hope you enjoyed our number plate challenge! Remember, if you want guaranteed protection for your car, you can count on Prestone. Tested to extremes, our car maintenance fluids excel no matter how tough the conditions get. For more information, visit the Prestone homepage today.

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