Prestone’s Free Winter Driving E-Book

Thanks to a combination of dark evenings and poor weather conditions, winter is a tough season for drivers. Even in the UK where winters are mild, torrential rain and the occasional cold snap can cause all sorts of problems for motorists.

To help motorists stay safe in even the most extreme driving conditions, we’ve put together a complete and free guide on winter driving, which includes advice on how to get your car ready for winter, as well as tips on how to drive in different weather conditions such as high winds, heavy rain, ice and snow.

Winter road in city

For a sneak peak at what’s included in our  Free Winter Driving E-Book, keep reading for a quick preview. Alternatively, fill in the form below to download a PDF version of the Prestone Winter Driving E-Book now.


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Preparing Your Vehicle for Winter Driving


One of the first steps to excelling at winter driving is to make sure your car is prepared for whatever the season throws its way. So, in the first chapter of the e-book, we provide a step-by-step guide on getting your car ready for winter — from advice on coolant/antifreeze, to tips on taking care of your car’s battery. There’s even a section on de-icing your windows on a frosty morning, so you can get the job done quickly and get on with your day.

Keeping your car in a roadworthy condition is important year-round, but especially so in winter when extreme weather can strike at a moment’s notice. Our winter driving guide will help get your car ready for even the worst driving conditions, so you know you’re protected whatever the weather.

Frozen front windshield of car during winter morning

Winter Driving Tips  

No matter how well you prepare for the winter, you need to adjust your driving style to suit the changing weather conditions. Even if your car is in perfect, winter-ready condition, extreme weather can make driving dangerous, so it’s vital you adapt to keep yourself and others safe.

In this section of the Winter Driving E-Book, we provide some practical tips and advice on how to drive in different weather conditions, from snow and ice, to heavy rain, high winds and thick fog. By following these simple steps, you’ll know exactly how to handle your car when bad weather strikes this winter.

Car with mounted snow chains in wintry environment

Winter Driving In-Car Survival Kit

With an increase in the number of traffic jams and breakdowns during the winter, you’ve got to be prepared for the worse. While being stranded by the roadside in summer is a nuisance, it can be incredibly unpleasant on a dark, cold evening in winter.

To help you stay safe, warm and comfortable in your car throughout the winter months, we’ve created a winter driving survival kit full of things that will make your time that more comfortable if you get stuck by the roadside this winter.

Motorist Holding Blanket And Thermos In Case Of Winter Breakdown

So there you go, a whistle-stop tour of our Winter Driving E-Book. Interested in reading the full book? Fill out the form above to download a PDF version of the guide.