Your Ultimate Guide to Driving in Extreme Winter Conditions

Winter is tough on car and driver, with freezing temperatures, wind, rain, ice and snow making day-to-day motoring that bit harder. Add to that the threat from extreme weather that the UK has seen in recent years, and drivers need to ready themselves for the season ahead.

To help you get prepared, we’ve put together our ultimate guide to driving in extreme weather. Bringing together driving guides and maintenance info, this is the place for everyday drivers to get advice on dealing with extreme driving conditions – so you know what to do in every situation.

Explore our guides below:

Tips for Driving in Snow and Sleet

UK winters are seeing more extreme weather, with 2018’s ‘Beast from the East’ bringing some of the worst snow and ice on record. For motorists, this kind of extreme weather can make driving almost impossible, but with our help, you can negotiate snowy roads and get to where you’re going in the safest manner. And always remember, sometimes it’s better to leave the car at home and completely avoid driving in these adverse conditions.

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Snow covers England streets

What to Do if You Get Caught in a Flash Flood

Flash floods can strike at any time, anywhere and they pose a real risk to driver safety. And, as the UK continues to feel the effects of climate change, we’re bound to see more floods across the country. While we’d never recommend driving in a flood, if you’re caught in one, there are things you can do to drive safe and get you and your car to dry ground. Our guide covers the basics of driving in flash floods, including tips on driving through deep standing water and very heavy rain.

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Essential Fluids for Your Car in the Winter

Whatever extreme weather winter throws our way, it’s important that you keep your car’s fluids topped up to stand the best chance of getting through the worst of the season without any breakdowns. In this guide, we look at the essential fluids your car will need for winter driving, and provide tips and advice on how to check them and when to change them.

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Defrosting a Windscreen: Should You Use Warm Water?

Defrosting your car’s windscreen and windows is part and parcel of winter driving, and all of us need to get used to leaving the house five minutes earlier in a morning to scrape ice off our cars. There are lots of different theories out there about how best to de-ice a car, including using warm water (!), but this guide will tell you how to do so safely and in as little time as possible.

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Driver clean his car after snowfall

Download our Free Winter Driving E-Book

If you’re determined not to let winter stand in the way of your daily drive, download our free winter driving e-book to get comprehensive help and advice on dealing with the worst of the winter weather. Full of useful tips and advice, our guide covers everything from driving in different extreme weather conditions to maintaining your car as the cold months drag on. The guide is free to download in PDF format, so you can print it off or keep it on your smartphone to check information and tips when the cold weather hits.

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Prestone car maintenance products are tested in extremes, so you can be confident that your car is well protected whatever winter throws your way. For more information or to browse our products, visit the homepage today.