Your Guide to Prestone Technology

Prestone’s inhibitor technology is a one-stop product for all light duty vehicles, making it easy for you to choose it in your business. Here’s why:

  1. More thermally stable than commercial available ELC OAT AFC.
  2. Absolute compatibility with all modern engine metallurgy & polymers
  3. Absolute compatibility with all other Coolant/Antifreeze technologies
  4. Virtually non-depleting corrosion inhibitors for 10 years or 300,000 miles
  5. Unmatched cooling system protection for your car or light duty truck
  6. 7 years in development in Prestone Technology Centre
  7. 17 new patents
  8. 4 million mile fleet test

If you need to Top-Up existing antifreeze/coolants:

Prestone is backward compatible to be used in any light duty vehicle on the road today, including antiques, classic and new cars.

  1. Prestone inhibitor package permits topping off any antifreeze/coolant technology in any light duty vehicle on the road today
  2. Prestone Inhibitors help improve coolant/antifreeze by repairing the Stability & Corrosion Protection when it’s used to top up whatever coolant/antifreeze is currently in the system


Ethylene Glycol (EG), is by far the most common glycol used in coolant / antifreeze.

A 50:50 mixture provides:

  • Freeze Protection to -37°C
  • Boil Over Protection to +129°C

Freezing Point of EG Solutions in Water Graph

If you need to fill an empty cooling system:

A complete flush & refill using Prestone

  1. Instantly Layers & Protects the Entire Cooling System
    1. Some existing antifreeze/coolants take 4k to 5k miles to protect, whereas Prestone begins to work immediately.
  2. Stops the spread of Cavitation/Erosion, Corrosion, & Rust
    1. Ultimate Protection for Cooling System Metals & Polymers
  3. Helps Eliminate Corrosion By-Products
    1. Allows Optimum Heat Exchange

(Corrosion By-Products coat heat exchangers and reduce heat transfer)

Cooling System

A  – Heater Hose
B  – Heater Control Valve
C  – Thermostat
D  – Radiator Hose
E  – Coolant Reservoir
F  – Heater Core
G  – Engine
H  – Water Pump
I   –  Fan
J   – Radiator

We’ve conducted extensive testing to ensure Prestone coolant/antifreeze offers the best possible protection. It was 7 years in development in the Prestone Technology Centre and involves 17 new patents. The rigorous testing included 4 million miles of fleet testing against commercially available competitor.

Testing the protection of the water pump:

Our fleet testing showed that Prestone protected the water pump so that it was like new after 150,000 miles compared to others:

Other coolant/antifreeze                                                                                      Prestone

Results after using other cooling products

Results after using Prestone cooling products

We also tested radiator tubes, which showed no corrosion or deposits after 150,000 miles using Prestone, compared to other coolant/antifreeze:

Commercially available coolant                                                                                                  Prestone

Results after using other cooling productsResults after using Prestone cooling products

Why should you trust Prestone?

  1. The coolant/antifreeze leader for nearly 90 years
  2. Our universal anti-corrosion formula is Globally Patented
  3. Proudly Produced in our own plants in the UK
  4. Industry leading rigorous testing with 49 quality check points
  5. Global O.E. collaborator for 75 years

You can read more about our history here.

This product is guaranteed by Prestone – you can view the guarantee here.

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