Prestone Eco Refill Winter Screen Wash


Introducing Prestone Eco Refill Winter Screen Wash, a super-concentrated screen wash that’s tough enough to tackle anything wintry driving conditions throw your way.

Developed to the same high performance standards you’ve come to expect from Prestone, Eco Refill Winter Screen Wash can also help you to reduce plastic waste. Thanks to its concentrated formula, just one small bottle of 500ml Prestone Eco Refill makes 5 litres of winter-ready screen wash – that’s a whole standard-sized bottle of screen wash for a fraction of the plastic.

Not only is Eco Refill screen wash much better for the environment, but you still get the same level of high-performance cleaning as from our ready-to-use screen wash. And in winter, that’s important, with our powerful cleaner cutting through the worst dirt, salt, and road dirt that you have to deal with out on the road.

By simply adding water to the super-concentrated formula, 500ml of Eco Refill makes 5 litres of winter screen wash. Use Eco Refill in an empty 5-litre screen wash bottle and save over 75% plastic each time!

Find out more about Prestone Eco Refill Winter Screen Wash below.

Features and Benefits

Prestone Eco Refill Winter Screen Wash is specially formulated to tackle the worst of winter dirt while helping you to reduce plastic waste. The same cleaning performance for a fraction of the plastic? Sounds like a win-win to us.

Discover all the benefits of Prestone Eco Refill Winter Screen Wash below.

Saves over 75% plastic

We’ve dialled up the concentration level of our Eco Refill Winter Screen Wash, with a 500ml bottle capable of making up to 5 litres of screen wash. That means you can keep and use the same 5l bottle, topping it up with Eco Refill and water as and when you need to replenish your screen wash.

High-performance cleaning

Eco Refill doesn’t compromise on cleaning performance. This is the same Prestone screen wash you’re used to, but now in a super-concentrated formula. Tough on dirt, streaks and grime, it’ll make light work of whatever winter sends your way.

Streak-free formula 

Safe winter driving starts with maximum visibility. That’s why Eco Refill guarantees a streak-free finish, helping to combat hazardous sun dazzle and glare. Don’t compromise on results – trust Prestone to keep your windscreen clean and clear all winter long.

Melts ice down to -10°C

On frosty mornings, you want to be on your way fast. Eco Refill melts ice down to -10°C and also protects against refreezing, so you can clear your windscreen quickly and get on the move.

How it Works

Developed by our specialist team of in-house chemists, Prestone Eco Refill Winter Screen is designed to fulfil two purposes: provide high-performance cleaning and help you to reduce your plastic waste. And thanks to our super-concentrated formula, it achieves both, bringing you fantastic results in a small, environmentally conscious package.

All the cleaning agents present in our ready-to-use screen wash are squeezed into Eco Refill’s compact bottle, so it’s strong enough to take on the toughest winter dirt and road salt, as well as ice and snow. That, coupled with a guaranteed streak-free finish, should make it your go-to screen wash for winter driving.

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