Prestone Summer Screen Wash

Prestone Maximum Visibility Summer Screen Wash is a high-performance screen wash that helps you to achieve perfect visibility in all driving conditions.

Developed specifically for warm weather driving, the wash’s powerful cleaning formula cuts through dirt, deposits, and streaks, giving you total confidence out on the road.

In summer driving conditions, your visibility can be affected by tree sap, dead insects, and dangerous dazzle from the sun.

Prestone Summer Screen Wash guarantees maximum visibility out of the front and rear windows, so you can drive safe no matter what the British summer throws your way.

  • Easily remove bugs and bird droppings
  • Prevents sun dazzle for maximum visibility
  • Melts ice down to -2°C
  • Ideal for Spring/Summer use

Features and Benefits

Prestone Summer Screen Wash excels in extremes.

This specially developed spring/summer screen wash is formulated to achieve max visibility by quickly removing bugs and bird droppings, and preventing dangerous sun dazzle.

Prestone’s range of high-performance car screen washes are rigorously tested to ensure that they offer optimal results all year round. Our Summer Screen Wash has been lab-developed with spring and summer driving in mind, giving you an effective windscreen cleaner that can be used to tackle even the toughest of deposits and sticky residue.

Summer can be a tricky time for your car’s windscreen. With less rain, deposits are more likely to build on the glass, and this is made worse by tree sap and an increase in dead insect residue. Add to that the risk of sun dazzle, and the strength and efficacy of your screen wash is more important than ever.

Prestone Summer Screen Wash provides rapid windscreen cleaning, powering through dirt and grime to guarantee exceptional clarity. And because it cleans so effectively, you’ll use less compared to other screen washes – saving you money by reducing the need to top up as regularly.

With a quick drying time and a guaranteed streak-free finish, Prestone Summer Screen Wash is the only product you need to keep your windscreen clean and clear. Plus, offering freeze protection down to -2°C, it’s safe to use from the start of spring all the way through to autumn.

What the experts say…

“Prestone lab tests simulate seasonal driving experiences, but real life tests are conducted on the road in extreme conditions. Prestone works in any weather to keep your windscreen clean for safer driving.”


Phil Carruthers, Research & Development Manager

How it Works

Containing powerful cleaning agents, our Summer Screen Wash rapidly dissolves dirt and deposits on your windscreen, lifting them off the surface of the glass to leave a clean, streak-free finish. In just one application, you can clear your windscreen of sticky residue, tree sap, and dirt, so no matter what the conditions, you can feel the benefit of unrivalled all-round visibility.

Used throughout the spring and summer months, Prestone Summer Screen Wash provides a reliable solution to keeping your windscreen clean and clear. Try it out and we promise you’ll see the difference.

Where to Buy

Recommended for use in the spring and summer months, Prestone Summer Screen Wash is a premium screen wash made for those who want to use the best products in their car. Our screen wash range is available to buy at motoring stores and select retailers, and online.

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