Prestone Cooling System Flush

Prestone Cooling System Flush is a simple solution that can be used at home to get rid of deposits and build up in the cooling system, helping to prevent problems and extend the life of your engine.

Lab developed to guarantee maximum performance, the product eliminates scale, corrosion, and oil contamination, protecting your car’s cooling system from faults and decay.

Over time rust, scale, sludge, and deposits can build up on the inside of your engine’s cooling system, meaning it doesn’t work efficiently and could lead to blocked channels. In extreme situations your vehicle can overheat or freeze in winter.

When used to flush the radiator, Prestone Cooling System Flush removes these deposits and ensures you’re adding fresh coolant to a clean, sludge-free system.

  • Eliminates scale, corrosion, and oil contamination
  • Safe for all engines and all cooling system components including:
    • Water-cooled petrol and diesel engines
    • Antifreeze/ Coolants
    • Metals
    • Gaskets
    • Hoses
    • Plastics
  • Use with Prestone Coolant/Antifreeze for a complete flush and fill solution and 10-year guarantee

Features and Benefits

Prestone Cooling System Flush delivers a deep clean for your car’s cooling system, helping to remove harmful deposits and corrosion.

It’s designed to be used to flush the radiator, powering through dirt, rust, and grime to extend the life of internal parts within the cooling system.

In the past, water has been used to flush cooling systems before adding fresh coolant/antifreeze. But it’s not very effective at removing stubborn deposits and corrosion, and can actually contribute to the problem due to limescale build up.

Recognising this problem, Prestone developed Cooling System Flush as a means of cleaning the cooling system in between coolant/antifreeze changes.

Cooling System Flush gets to work instantly, removing tough deposits and dirt from the cooling system to ensure maximum performance and efficiency.

How It Works

Using Cooling System Flush is easy, and you can apply it at home as part of a scheduled cooling flush. The product circulates through the system, removing deposits and dirt left behind by the old coolant, for guaranteed maximum protection for internal parts like gaskets and hoses.

For more tips and advice on using Prestone Cooling System Flush, refer to our dedicated FAQs, where we’ve answered common queries relating to the product and its applications.


For a complete flush and fill:

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