DOT 4 Brake Fluid

Prestone DOT 4 Brake Fluid is a high-performance brake fluid that guarantees maximum performance and protection for your car’s braking system.

Lab developed using engineered technology, DOT 4 has a high boiling point to protect against extreme heat up to 260°C, minimising brake fade out on the road, whilst the special anti-corrosion formula guards against the worst of the elements.

So, you can be sure it will perform for you on the road every day, offering maximum performance and durability while also protecting against corrosion.

  • Formulated to excel in extreme temperatures, with a dry boiling point exceeding 260°C and a wet boiling point exceeding 150°C
  • Maximum corrosion protection for long-lasting durability
  • Guaranteed for all braking systems including ABS, discs, and drums
  • Reduces the possibility of fluid vaporisation and brake failure

Features and Benefits

Prestone DOT 4 Brake Fluid ensures maximum stopping power and full corrosion protection. Your brakes will feel great and stop you fast, so you can enjoy a confident and assured drive out on the road.

Combining a high boiling point with long-lasting durability, DOT 4 Brake Fluid has been carefully developed and tested by our in-house team to guarantee complete protection for your car’s braking system. And best of all, it’s safe to use with ABS systems, disc brakes and drum brakes.

Prestone DOT 4 Brake Fluid exceeds SAE 1703, SAE 1704, ISO 4925, JJS K2233 and FMVSS, as well as no. 116 DOT 3 and DOT 4 standards.

How it Works

Prestone DOT 4 Brake Fluid maintains the braking system, guaranteeing efficient stopping power and lasting durability.

Brake fluid is an essential part of the braking process – when you depress the brake pedal, the fluid multiplies that pressure and transfers it to the wheels. As brake fluid ages it can absorb water from its surroundings. If this happens, when the brake fluid gets hot during braking, the dissolved water will turn to vapour, giving a soft pedal feel and not allowing full transfer of the braking power.

It’s important that you change your cars Brake Fluid at least every two years and make sure that you’re using a fluid with a high boiling point.

Looking for further help and advice on using brake fluid? Read our complete guide to brake fluid right here.

Where to Buy

Prestone DOT 4 Brake Fluid is available from all major automotive retailers, as well as professional garages and car repair shops.

Click the link below to find your nearest stockist.

Where to buy

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