What is Prestone Power Steering Fluid

Prestone Power Steering Fluid is an advanced car maintenance fluid that assists with wheel movement while protecting the steering system from friction and wear.

Suitable for use in all vehicles, Prestone Power Steering Fluid will prevent corrosion to extend the life of your power steering system.

Developed in our lab using engineered technology and high standards of testing, Prestone Power Steering Fluid is a superior product that you can trust to keep your car’s steering system in tip-top condition.

Simple to use at home with a pour-and-go formula, the fluid protects seals and gaskets while lubricating the entire steering mechanism – ensuring your power steering system is always operating at peak performance.

  • Reduces wear and noise without damaging seals and gasket
  • Prevents corrosion to extend the life of your power steering system
  • Guaranteed for use in all vehicles

Features and Benefits

Almost all cars on the road have power assisted steering (PAS) systems. Most of these systems are hydraulic and if your car uses hydraulic PAS, it will use fluid to assist the steering movements of the wheels.

This fluid helps to transmit the power of your power steering, and also protects against wear. If there isn’t enough fluid in the system, steering will become difficult and noisy, and you could experience damage to parts such as the pump, rack, and pinion.

Prestone Power Steering Fluid is a high-performance hydraulic steering fluid that works to reduce wear while transmitting peak turning power through the steering system. Developed by our in-house team of experienced chemists, our power steering fluid is the only product you need to keep your car’s steering working perfectly, mile after mile.

Guaranteed for all vehicles, our pour-and-go power steering fluid reduces wear and noise while preventing long-term corrosion to the steering assembly. And like all Prestone products, it’s manufactured and tested to the highest possible standards, so you get the peace of mind that your car’s steering system is adequately protected and maintained.

How it Works

As well as checking your PAS fluid regularly, if you notice difficulty in steering, or a high-pitched or grinding noise when turning the wheel, you should check your power steering fluid and add Prestone.

Thanks to its pour-and-go formula, our high-performance power steering fluid couldn’t be simpler to use. Simply locate the power steering reservoir under the bonnet, check the level, and top up as necessary. Delivering outstanding performance and durability, Prestone Power Steering Fluid is the only product you need to keep your car’s steering wheel in perfect condition.

Where to Buy

If you’ve noticed a problem with your car’s power steering or want to change your current fluid, Prestone Power Steering Fluid is the best product to go for. You’ll find our power steering fluid in all good motoring stores, select retailers and online.

Where to buy

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