Prestone Professional Coolant/Antifreeze

Prestone Professional Coolant/Antifreeze is our flagship coolant product, delivering outstanding protection and durability for all cars and engines. Produced in-house by our expert development team, Prestone Professional Coolant/Antifreeze is an industry-leading coolant that is trusted by professionals and individuals alike for its advanced formula and unmatched performance.

Offering superior protection for up to 300,000 miles, our Professional Coolant/Antifreeze is frequently used by car manufacturers as a first-fill product. And with a brand-new formula complete with 17 new technology patents, outstanding performance, protection, and durability are guaranteed.

  • Brand-new patented technology with 17 new patents
  • All makes, all models, all engines – guaranteed
  • Superior protection against corrosion
  • Longer engine life
  • 10-year guarantee
  • Protection for up to 300,000 miles or 480,000km
  • Used as first-fill by multiple leading vehicle manufacturers
  • Safely mixes with any colour or specification of coolant/antifreeze

Features and Benefits

Our new Professional Coolant/Antifreeze technology has been developed using 17 patents in our world-leading development centre. Prestone Coolant/Antifreeze remains at the forefront of automotive technology and is suitable for use in all makes, all models and all engines, guaranteed. It will safely mix with any colour or specification of coolant/antifreeze already in the system.

The patented technology offers superior protection against corrosion and instantly layers and protects all components of the cooling system, preventing the spread of cavitation, corrosion, erosion, and scale. Cor-Guard technology provides unrivalled protection for up to 300,000 miles/480,000km or 10 years. It is used as first-fill by multiple leading vehicle manufacturers.

As well as outstanding durability, Prestone Professional Coolant/antifreeze offers unbeatable temperature protection, providing a shield for your engine in temperatures ranging from -64°C to +129°C. So, no matter the conditions, advanced testing both in the lab and on the road means you can feel confident that your engine is protected in all extremes.

How it Works

Combining advanced technology with years of car maintenance know-how; Prestone Professional Coolant/Antifreeze features the perfect blend of antifreeze technology and corrosion inhibitors, delivering outstanding performance for your car’s cooling system.

Suitable for use in all engines, Prestone Professional Coolant/Antifreeze is designed to be used like any other coolant/antifreeze. Add it to your car’s cooling system for maximum protection against freezing, heat, scale, and the long-term effects of rust and corrosion.

For the best results, we’d recommend diluting from-concentrate Prestone Professional Coolant/Antifreeze with deionised water. Before adding the product to your car, we’d recommend flushing the radiator with Prestone Cooling System Flush to remove harmful deposits and ensure that the system is optimally cleaned to receive the fresh coolant.

To learn more about the benefits of Prestone Professional Coolant/Antifreeze and how to use it, watch our useful instructional video below.

Where to Buy

For maximum protection against extreme temperatures and unrivalled on-road durability Prestone Professional Coolant/Antifreeze is the only coolant product you’ll ever need. Our Professional Coolant/Antifreeze is available from all major retailers and motoring supply stores, as well as online. Click the link below to find your nearest stockist.


For a complete cooling system flush: