About Rapid Aerosol De-icer

Spend less time in the cold scraping ice from your windows, and let Prestone do the hard work for you. Simply spray on the rapid de-icer and watch the ice melt quickly.

  • Melts ice down to -40C
  • Prevents dangerous refreezing
  • No de-icer works faster

Developed using engineered technology, our aerosol de-icer has thoroughly tested by our experts. It’s tested in extreme conditions so that it works for you every day throughout winter – no de-icer works faster.

It melts ice down to -40ᵒC and works in seconds, meaning it’s faster and more powerful than any other de-icer available in the UK.

It also prevents dangerous re-freeze giving you peace of mind that you can drive safely and carry on with your day.

More from our experts…

“No de-icer works better than Prestone, but when the snow and ice is especially thick, score the ice first to allow the advanced formula to reach the glass.”

Phil Carruthers, Research and Development Manager

Frequently Asked Questions about Prestone De-Icer


Prestone De-Icer provides protection down to -40°C so it will melt ice on your car even in the most extreme cold conditions.

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