I’m a Mechanic, Can I Trust Prestone?

Prestone Coolant Antifreeze Concentrate 4l

As a mechanic, we understand that you have many needs that come into play when you’re selecting a coolant/antifreeze to use in your customers’ vehicles. But stocking a wide range of vehicle-specific coolant/antifreeze can take up valuable space and ties up cash, so how can you ensure you’re using high-quality products that are compatible with changing engine technology?

At Prestone, we’ve developed a solution that can help professional mechanics when selecting coolant for a customer’s vehicle. Our flagship High-Performance Coolant/Antifreeze is compatible with all makes and models, with new patented technology meaning it can be safely used in all cars and light-duty vehicles on the road today.

Prestone Coolant/Antifreeze has been developed for professional and domestic use, in line with the changing engine technology and the needs of both car engines and motorists:

  • Engines have developed as a consequence of regulatory pressures, to reduce a vehicle’s impact on the environment through exhaust emissions and carbon footprint.
  • Fuel economy is now more important than ever, and again is a major factor in modern engines.
  • Engines have also become lighter, materials have changed, and harmful chemicals are restricted from use (amines, nitrates, phosphates, borates etc.).

Learn more about our universal coolant/antifreeze solution, and the science behind it, below.

Choosing a Coolant/Antifreeze

When purchasing coolant/antifreeze there are a wide variety of brands and colours to choose from, and you will quickly see that it’s composition, not colour, that is the most important thing to consider.

With so many different coolants on the market, there is always the danger of mixing incompatible coolants which could damage the engine. Even if they’re similar in colour, they may not be compatible due to the different corrosion inhibitor chemistry.

Mixing coolants that are not compatible can lead to problems in the cooling system, as they work against each other and reduce overall corrosion protection. Coolants with inorganic or hybrid corrosion inhibitors, such as silicates, can form deposits in the cooling system and cause a variety of issues –something you obviously want to avoid.

In the past, the choice would have been between red or blue coolant, but now you must identify the customer’s vehicle brand and ensure you have the correct vehicle-specific coolant in stock and readily available.

Of course it’s impossible to predict what make or model of vehicle will be coming into your workshop. So you will either stock a wide range of vehicle-specific coolants or a universal coolant – a product which has, historically at least, offered only basic protection and is most likely incompatible with the coolant already in the system.

Prestone is different. Having secured 17 new patents, the advanced Prestone formula offers superior protection against corrosion for longer engine life. It’s guaranteed to be suitable for all makes and models of cars and light-duty vehicles on the road, including modern, vintage, classic and hybrid engine technology.

What is Prestone Coolant/Antifreeze?

Engineered by experts for experts, the latest Prestone Coolant/Antifreeze solution has been seven years in the making and exceeds OEM performance standards set for vehicle-specific coolants worldwide. It is also used as a first fill by some of the largest vehicle manufacturers globally, including Ford, Chrysler, Toyota and General Motors.

As part of the extensive research and development stage, the advanced formula went through rigorous testing to ensure it excels in extremes. Even after four million miles of fleet tests in police vehicles driving in real-life situations, the cars’ cooling system components demonstrated a like-new appearance and performance after using Prestone.

Prestone can also be mixed safely with any existing coolant/antifreeze in the system, combating all the issues caused by mixing incompatible coolants and reducing any anxiety about what is already in the cooling system. The Prestone formula gets to work fast and even improves the existing coolant’s performance by reducing degradation and repairing stability and corrosion protection.

From flushing and filling the entire system, to simply topping up, Prestone is the only Coolant/Antifreeze a mechanic needs – reducing inventory and freeing up cash for garage owners. Unlike basic universal coolants, Prestone offers a superior solution that meets the changing demands of newer car engines.

Why You Can Trust Prestone Coolant/Antifreeze

Recent emissions legislation, coupled with ever-advancing engine technology, mean that using high-quality engine fluids has never been as important.

Modern engines operate at higher temperatures, which creates more stress on these lightweight components. Add to this the cooling requirements of turbochargers and transmissions, and it’s easy to see why coolant technology has been forced to adapt to these changing demands.

At Prestone, we continuously develop state-of-the-art products that enhance vehicle performance and make life easier for you. Prestone Coolant/Antifreeze delivers on this promise and exceeds OEM performance requirements, including VAG G specifications.

The advanced formula’s inhibitors instantly layer and bond to the cooling system components, unlike some other coolant/antifreeze that can take up to 5,000 miles to fully protect the cooling system. This speed of protection immediately stops the spread of cavitation, erosion, corrosion, and rust, extending engine life for up to 10 years or 300,000 miles – guaranteed.

Learn more about Prestone High-Performance Coolant/Antifreeze or visit our help and advice pages for further guidance and frequently asked questions about our product range.