How soon can I drive after using Prestone Head Gasket & Engine Repair?

Prestone’s pioneering Head Gasket & Engine Repair formula has been specifically developed to provide a permanent repair for holes, leaks and cracks in your vehicle’s cooling system. Once poured into the coolant reservoir, the product gets to work in minutes, travelling through the whole system to seek, fill and ultimately fix leaks in just a matter of minutes.

Thanks to its revolutionary formula, Prestone Head Gasket & Engine Block Repair is one of the simplest and quickest ways to repair a cooling system. The product is guaranteed for use in any vehicle, and will effectivPrestone_head_Gasket_in_use_shot(1)ely seal leaks throughout the entire cooling system – including the head gasket, radiator and water pump gaskets.

After adding the Head Gasket & Engine Repair formula to your vehicle’s cooling system, remember to monitor the coolant level closely for any signs of ongoing leakage. If you notice a drop in the coolant level, this could indicate the presence of a leak – just remember to check the coolant level regularly.


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