Should I use ready to use coolant/antifreeze or concentrated?

Prestone Ready to Use Coolant is specifically developed to offer an easy and convenient way to top up your vehicle’s cooling system, and is considered the easiest option of the two coolants we offer. The Ready to Use formula can be added to your coolant reservoir directly from the bottle, whilst the concentrated alternative will need to be mixed with water prior to use.

Both products are guaranteed to mix with any colour of coolant, so you can add it to your engine’s cooling system with confidence.

Our specially developed coolant/antifreeze formula is also guaranteed for all cars, vans or light trucks and provides reliable protection in all extremes. Both Ready to Use and Concentrated versions of the Prestone coolant/antifreeze 1 litre are supplied in an easy-to-pour-bottle, making it easy for you to replace your coolant on your driveway.

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