Your Guide to Prestone Products

Need help deciding which Prestone product to use in your car and when? You’ve come to the right place. Below, you can explore and compare our full product range, and read tips and advice on getting the most from your car maintenance regime.

For nearly 100 years, Prestone has developed high-performance maintenance products that meet the challenges of the evolving motoring world. From our flagship Coolant/Antifreeze to our ever-reliable De-Icer, our range has grown to keep pace with the changing needs of the modern driver, with products designed for all conditions and uses.

Not sure which Prestone product you need? We’ve covered everything you need to know in our guide below.

Coolant and Cooling System

Engine coolant reservoir tank in a modern vehicle.


Prestone Coolant/Antifreeze was first developed in 1927. Providing outstanding temperature protection from -37°C to +129°C, our high-performance Coolant/Antifreeze keeps engines running at the intended temperature, whatever the conditions.

  • Function: Protecting the engine from extreme temperatures
  • When to use: Whenever your car needs fresh coolant/antifreeze. The typical lifespan of coolant is 3-5 years, but after you’ve topped up with Prestone, you can wait a decade before having to do it again.

Need help filling your car’s cooling system? Read our FAQs for advice on when and how to top up with Prestone.

Cooling System Flush

Before you add fresh coolant/antifreeze, you can rely on Prestone Cooling System Flush to clean the radiator and cooling system to a professional standard. Removing scale and deposits while protecting from corrosion, our Cooling System Flush is perfect for maximising the efficacy, performance and lifespan of your car’s cooling system.

  • Function: To remove scale, dirt and deposits from the radiator and cooling system.
  • When to use: When you’re refreshing your coolant/antifreeze and need to fully clean the cooling system before refilling.

Want to learn more about using Prestone Cooling System Flush? You’ll find what you need on our product FAQs page.

Screen Wash

clearing windscreen with screen wash

Extreme Performance Screen Wash

Providing outstanding cleaning power, Prestone Extreme Performance Screen Wash is a reliable, year-round screen wash that guarantees maximum visibility while driving. Capable of melting ice down to -18°C, the product also removes stubborn deposits like bird droppings and insects fast, all while leaving a streak-free finish to prevent dangerous sun and traffic dazzle.

  • Function: To remove stubborn deposits, melt ice and keep your windscreen clean and clear.
  • When to use: Use whenever you need to clear your car’s windscreen. Remember, driving without screen wash could land you with a fine and penalty points, so keep your washer bottle topped up. Our easy-pour bottle makes refilling simple.

Need help with your car’s screen wash? Get your questions answered on our Screen Wash FAQs page.

Max Visibility Screen Wash Summer

Cutting through dirt, grease and deposits, our Max Visibility Summer Screen Wash is perfect for warm weather use and is formulated to achieve a 100% streak-free finish. Tree sap, insects and dust from the road can hinder visibility in the spring and summer, so you need a screen wash you can rely on to prevent hazardous sun dazzle. What’s more, our Summer Screen Wash still melts ice down to -2°C, meaning you can use it from the start of spring right through to autumn.

  • Function: Perfect for keeping your windscreen clear and streak-free during the spring and summer seasons.
  • When to use: Use between spring and autumn to cut through dirt and guarantee maximum visibility. Always keep your screen wash reservoir topped up to so you can clean your windscreen whenever you need to.

Max Visibility Screen Wash Winter

Specially developed for winter driving conditions, our Max Visibility Winter Screen Wash powers through ice and snow to clear your windscreen in even the toughest conditions. Proven to work down to -10°C, our winter screen wash contains powerful detergents that cut through dirt, grease and road salt. And thanks to its easy-pour bottle and ready-to-use formula, topping up your car’s washer bottle couldn’t be simpler.

  • Function: To clear ice and snow, as well as dirt, grease and traffic film, from the windscreen, and guarantee a streak-free finish.
  • When to use: Switch to Winter Screen Wash before the cold weather hits to guarantee hassle-free windscreen clearing on those frosty mornings. 

Don’t forget, if you need advice on how to top up and use Prestone’s range of powerful screen washes, our FAQs should have the information you need.


frozen windshield

Prestone Rapid De-Icer

Prestone Rapid De-Icer is the product you need in your boot for those dark, frosty mornings in the middle of winter. Available as an aerosol or a trigger spray and capable of melting ice and snow down to -40°C, this de-icer will clear your car in minutes, so you can drive away quicker. And thanks to its specially developed formula Rapid De-Icer prevents dangerous refreezing, so you can clear your entire car and get on the road in a fraction of the time of other de-icing products.

  • Function: To quickly clear stubborn ice and snow from your car. No de-icer works faster.
  • When to use: Use on those hard winter days when only the toughest de-icers will get the job done. Prestone De-Icer can melt thick snow and ice, freeing up the washer jets, windscreen and windows. Just score the ice first before spraying.

For more advice, visit the Prestone De-Icer FAQs page.

Maintenance Fluids

topping up car maintenance fluids

Prestone DOT 4 Brake Fluid

Prestone DOT 4 Brake Fluid is a high-performance brake maintenance product. Providing outstanding protection for brake components, the product contains a special anti-corrosion formula that guards against high temperatures and friction. Safe to use in a wide range of brake systems, our DOT 4 Brake Fluid contributes to improve braking performance and road feel, so you can drive with greater confidence and assurance.

  • Function: Used to enhance the performance of brake systems, protecting components from corrosion while supporting long-term durability.
  • When to use: Add to your car’s brake fluid reservoir whenever your brakes are in need of a service; check your car’s manual for service intervals. Alternatively, you may need to add brake fluid if you notice a change in brake performance – like spongy pedal feel – or if it a brake warning light appears on the dashboard.

For advice on using Prestone DOT 4 Brake Fluid, visit our product FAQs for guidance on adding it to your car.

Prestone Power Steering Fluid

Have you noticed a change in the way your car steers? You may need to change or top up the power steering reservoir. Prestone Power Steering Fluid provides an enhanced formula for optimal steering performance, providing a light and responsive feel. Guaranteed for use in all vehicles, our high-performance Power Steering Fluid reduces wear and steering noise, while preventing the corrosion associated with inferior steering fluids. The result? An improved handling experience you can truly feel.

  • Function: For maintaining your car’s power steering system, ensuring lasting durability and performance.
  • When to use: Use whenever you need to top up or change your car’s power steering fluid; check your car’s manual for service intervals. You may need to top up power steering fluid when you notice a change in steering performance, or if the system is making unusual noises when you turn the steering wheel.

Learn more about when and how to top up power steering fluid on our dedicated FAQs page.

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