Your Screen Wash FAQs Answered

Do you have a question about Prestone Screen Wash? Maybe you’re new to driving and want to know more about how screen wash works and how often you should use it?

To help, we’ve put together a list of frequently asked questions that should fill you in on all things screen wash. Take a look below.

What is Screen Wash?

Screen wash is an essential fluid that’s used to clean windscreens and, on some cars, rear windows. Having screen wash in your car is a legal requirement; you’ll fail your MOT without it.

Screen wash is the fluid that drivers are most familiar with and confident in topping up. It’s quick and easy to replace, and you’ll typically need to fill it up at least once a month – or more frequently – depending on mileage, driving conditions and time of year.

Screen wash is available in a variety of colours including blue, yellow, green, and pink. It’s made from a mix of water, antifreeze (usually alcohol) and cleaning agents, which are added to help remove dirt and ensure a streak-free finish.

How do I use Prestone Screen Wash?

Using Prestone Screen Wash is easy. Simply add enough screen wash to the reservoir so it meets the ‘max’ line, and then use your car’s wiper function (normally an arm switch on the steering wheel) to apply it to the front and rear windows.

Screen wash reservoir caps are almost always blue, which should make it easy to find under the bonnet. Depending on the size of the bottle, we’d recommend using a funnel to add the screen wash. If you don’t have one to hand, turning larger bottles on their side can help with pouring.

Prestone Screen Wash comes in both a concentrate and ready to use formats. When using concentrated screen wash, always follow the instructions on the bottle to get the right ratio of screen wash to water – this can change depending on the season.

For winter driving, we recommend a 50:50 mix of screen wash and water; this ensures maximum freeze protection. In summer, you can reduce the amount of screen wash you use; a 30:70 split is best.

The great thing about Prestone Screen Wash is that it’s safe to mix with other products. That means you can add screen wash anytime without worrying about contamination and a drop in cleaning performance.

How does Prestone Screen Wash work?

Prestone Screen Wash contains powerful cleaning agents that remove tough deposits and ensure a streak-free finish. Combined with the optimum quantity of antifreeze, our windscreen washer fluid guarantees maximum protection and visibility in all driving conditions.

Whatever the road throws your way, you can rely on Prestone Screen Wash to keep things clear. Our screen wash melts ice down to -18°C and is powerful enough to remove even the most stubborn deposits – including bird droppings and dead insects – for complete confidence in all conditions.

How do I replace Prestone Screen Wash?

Replacing Prestone Screen Wash is simple. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Choose concentrated or ready to use screen wash – Our ready to use screen wash is convenient, while our concentrated version lets you adjust the ratio of water depending on the conditions. They both have the same properties, so choose the one that’s best for you.
  2. Locate the screen wash reservoir cap – This is normally blue with an icon of a windscreen on. If you’re struggling, check your car’s manual.
  3. Top up the screen wash – Pour screen wash directly into the reservoir without removing the filter that sits inside the filler tube. You can use a funnel if needed to avoid spillages. Continue pouring until you start to see fluid coming up the transparent tube; fill to the ‘max’ line and replace the cap.
  4. Check the screen wash function – Get behind the wheel and switch on the washers. The fluid should spray evenly across the windscreen for optimal cleaning.

How often do I need to use Prestone Screen Wash?

This depends on your average mileage, driving conditions and the time of year. You may need to replace screen wash every week if you cover a lot of miles, particularly in the winter. In summer, you’ll generally use less screen wash, though it will be needed to remove streaks and dust from the windscreen to prevent dangerous sun dazzle.


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